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re: Rogue 4.0.1

Assassination spec:

As near as I can figure it anyway. Some of other the specs I've seen max out deadened Nerves.... I'd rather get the Relentless Strikes.


As near as I can figure?

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re: Rogue 4.0.1

I've been following the same rotation (keep rupture and slice and dice up, envenom as much as possible) and just not doing the DPS I was doing. It doesn't look like there's much data yet to support which specs can pump out what for DPS.

As for PvP... some have gone a with a DPS spec and getting Nightstalker in the Sub tree. Now that the Sub tree does not provide you with increased stealth and stealth detection.... I can see the viability of this. However, a full Sub spec spanks the crap out of pretty much anyone if you get the jump on them from stealth.
uh oh

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re: re; assasination pve

5/9/2011 pve assasination spec

This is an easy to choose spec the only filler point is in deadened nerves which can be put in deadly brew.

Gem +40agi in red and yellow slots, +20agi+20hit in blue slots, no prismatics, agile shadowspirit meta.

chest,peerless stats
cloak,major agility
wrist,greater assualt
gloves,greater mastery
legs,dragonscale armor
boots,major agiity

Yellow Spell White
2/3 Precision 481 (4%) 1332 (13%) 2763 (23%) 1332 is what we are aiming towards.

expertise=worthless, dump it, you should be behind your target anyway. rant

hit to cap if possible, hit>mastery>haste, what to dump exp>crit>haste


macros: Some people save their trinkets/cds for that special moment, but slaving them to abilities that you use anyways will assure that they are used more often and allow you to concentrate on your rotation.

[will use top trinket then slice and dice](slice and dice can still be used while trinket is on cd)
/use 13
/cast slice and dice

[will use bottom trinket then feint](feint can still be used while trinket is on cd)
/use 14
/cast feint

[will cast tricks on <playername>]
/target brizon
/cast tricks of the trade

[This macro will let you TotT your mouseover, your target (if friendly) if you do not have a mouseover, your focus if you do not have either, and your target's target if you do not have any of the former]
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@target,help,nodead][@focus,help,nodead][@targettarget,help,nodead]Tricks of the Trade

[will cast cold blood then envenom]
/cast cold blood
/cast envenom

[will use glove tinker 480 agi then mutilate](will just cast mutilate otherwise)
/use 10
/cast mutilate

[will cast stealth out of combat, or vanish in combat]
/cast [nocombat] stealth; vanish

[target macro used while stealthed]

[target macro used in combat]


You will always want to open from stealth such that you use as much of your 20 seconds of Overkill as possible. It is better to open a fight with Garrote rather than Mutilate if you can do so without delaying the start of your attacks by more than a second or two. This may not always be possible either due to unpredictable movement of the boss in the first few seconds of the fight or to a stealth-breaking pulse at the start of the encounter - but when its possible, its worth doing. Once in combat, there are various sequences of abilities that work but ultimately you will want to get Rupture and SnD both up as quickly as possible, neither has to be a lot of combo points at the start.

100% to 35% target HP
The priority of finishers is as follows.

SnD > Rupture > Envenom

At this point, you will use Mutilate as your combo point generator and maximize your Rupture uptime then maximize your Envenom uptime. Your rotation will be 1+ Rupture and 4+ Envenom; meaning if your Rupture is falling off, put whatever combo points you have into a new one otherwise do 4 or 5 combo point Envenoms. When possible, you want pool ~90 energy (less with haste or if you are consistently overlapping your Envenom buff) just before using Envenom such that when you Mutilate after, you have an increased chance to proc your poisons. To maximize your Envenom uptime, you should try to not overlap the Envenom buff when possible but never do this at the expense of capping out or wasting combo points while waiting for your Envenom buff to expire. Below is a table of the damage lost for various actions.

Action Estimated Damage Loss
Wasting all CPs from 1 Mutilate 19289
Wasting all CPs from 1 Backstab 12500
Capping for 1 second 8985
Leaving Rupture down for 1 second 3375
Using a 1 CP Rupture instead of a perfect 5 1871
Clipping 1 second of Evenom 1368
Using a 2 CP Rupture instead of a perfect 5 1301
Using a 3 CP Rupture instead of a perfect 5 846
Using a 4 CP Rupture instead of a perfect 5 425

Ideally none of these situations would come up, but you will often find yourself in a situation of either or. We can see clearly from this table that there is a heavy penalty for capping out or using Mutilate/Backstab as an energy dump (at 4-5 combo points) and that it is instead just better to clip an Envenom. We also see that it is better use an undersized Rupture or to clip a second (up to 2.47 seconds) of Envenom instead of letting Rupture fall off for a GCD. This is the reason why there is a heavy emphasis on maintaining a high Rupture uptime.

35% or less target HP
Once your target reaches 35% HP, you will stop using Mutilate and instead use Backstab to generate combo points. You will want to do 1+ Rupture and 5 Envenom instead and still follow the same priority order; maximize your Rupture uptime and then Envenom’s and pool before using Envenom. If you are struggling to prevent yourself from capping out (because of heroism for example), you should use Mutilate instead until you can stabilize your energy.


P.S. I was going to post a combat page, but then I remembered combat sucks, ell oh ell.

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